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Press evaluation:

Kami Rita to again do Everest twice in a season: Will head for the summit on May 22 to top the world’s highest peak for the 24th time  (rep 17/05/2019)

Kami Rita Sherpa, in a stirring new record, climbs Everest for the 23rd time: The 49-year-old guide has been climbing the world’s highest peak almost every year since 1994, by Sangam Prasain (kp 16/05/2019)

With ropes fixed on Everest, climbers head for summit (rep 15/05/2019)

Sherpa climbers seek social security (ht 17/01/2019)

Sherpa widows to climb Everest (kp 27/12/2018)

Avalanche hits six-member team of Sherpas on Mt Dhaulagiri, one missing (ht 20/09/2018)

Woman climber Nima Jangmu Sherpa sets world record, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 23/05/2018)

Sherpa climber dies while ascending Mt Everest from North Col, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 23/05/2018)

IFMGA guide Damai Sarki Sherpa dies; Everest death toll reaches five, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 22/05/2018)

Ngima Nuru Sherpa becomes youngest climber to ascend Mt Everest for 21st time (ht 20/05/2018)

Sherpa shortage takes a toll on Everest (dkp 19/05/2018)

Lhakpa Sherpa scales Mt Everest nine times breaking own record, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 16/05/2018)

Kami Rita Sherpa scales Mt Everest for record 22 times (ht 16/05/2018), Kami Rita Sherpa summits Everest for record 22nd time, by Sangam Prasain (kp 17/05/2018)

79-year-old Japanese oldest climber to scale Mt Lhotse; Sherpa climber missing on Mt Everest (ht 16/05/2018)

Sherpa climber dies on Mt Makalu, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 15/05/2018)

Dolakha’s Dawa Yangzum becomes country’s first female international mountain guide, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 28/12/2017)

Denying summit certificates an insult to Sherpas, says Norbu Tenzing Norgay, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 20/07/2017)

Sherpa climber recounts how they got second lease of life on Mt Everest, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 03/06/2017)

Kami Rita Sherpa scales Mt Everest 21 times (ht 27/05/2017)

Lean-burn Sherpas fit for Everest: Nepali mountain guides have a physiology that uses oxygen more efficiently than lowlanders, by Roland Pease (kp 25/05/2017)

Sherpa scales Mt Everest 19 times as summit bids underway (ht 24/05/2017)

Nepali woman scales Mt Everest eight times breaking own record, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 14/05/2017)

Sherpas protest at Everest base camp, demand summit certificates, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 03/05/2017), A valid case: The government should simplify the process to ensure that the Sherpa workers are also recognized as part of the expedition (ht 04/05/2017)

Three women set out to scale Mt Kanchenjunga (ht 11/04/2017)

Sherpa dies on Lobuche; Japanese missing on Mt Manaslu, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 15/10/2016)

Sherpas denied summit certificates, by Rajan Pokhrel (kp 15/07/2016) [Only those who are carried by the Sherpas to the top get certificates, not the real heroes?]

9 Sherpas honoured on Everest Day (kp 30/05/2016)

Lhakpa Sherpa breaks own record to climb Everest a seventh time (kp 21/05/2016), Lhakpa talks of endurance after scaling Everest seven times, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 28/05/2016)

First climbers set foot on top of Everest in 2 years: Open doors for expeditioners to reach summit after deadly disasters (kp 12/05/2016), 9 Sherpa become first to summit Everest in three years, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 12/05/2016)

Female climbers blaze trails for their gender (ht 18/04/2016)

They die, we go home, by Mike Chambers (kp 01/04/2016)

Sherpas summit three virgin peaks in Dolakha (ht 07/10/2015)

Quake fails to dampen Sherpas climbers’ spirit, by Riwaj Rai (rep 21/05/2015)

After Everest and K2, Sherpa women set sights on Kangchenjunga, by Tsering Dolker Gurung (nt 12/12/2014)

Families of Everest avalanche victims to get Rs 500k each (kp 05/09/2014)

Nepali women’s team atop Mount K2 (kp 27/07/2014), Nepali women scale Mt K2: The trio’s motto was ‘women climbing for climate change (ht 27/07/2014), Nepali ketis on K2: Three Nepali women climbers on 26 July became the first all-women team to climb K2, by Ayesha Shakya (nt 01/08/2014)

Everest avalanche victims still await relief, by Rajan Pokharel (ht 26/07/2014)

Moving mountains: Sherpa climbers need to get organised if they want themselves to be heard, by Navin Singh Khadka (kp 27/06/2014)

Sherpas drifting away from mountaineering: April 18 disaster on the treacherous Khumbu Icefall on Everest has left most of them shaken (ht 21/06/2014)

Friends, relatives of victim mark end of 49-day mourning period, by Weena Pun (kp 07/06/2014)

Kanchha Sherpa recalls historic 1953 summit, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 29/05/2014), Lone survivor recalls Hillary-Tenzing expedition, by Om Astha Rai (rep 29/05/2014)

Nepali female climbers in bid to scale Mt K2, set world record (ht 15/05/2014), Nepali women set to scale Mt K2: In bid to draw global attention to climate change effects (ht 22/05/2014)

Just cause: While Sherpa climbing guides are often perceived as Himalayan rock stars in reality they have little voice or governmental representation, by Pema Sherpa (rep 19/05/2014)

Probe politicisation of Sherpa’s grief: Climbers, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 03/05/2014)

The Sherpas’ guide to ethical behaviour: The pressure for change, by Curtis S. Chin and Dhamey Tenzing Norgay (ht 29/04/2014)

Sherpa climbers are in life-and-death battle all the time, interview with Appa Sherpa (rep 24/04/2014)

Everest avalanche: Is climate change to blame?, by Katy Daigle (kp 24/04/2014)

The tragedy on Everest should serve as a lesson to make the mountain safer for local climbing guides, by Ngawang Karsang Sherpa (kp 23/04/2014)

The Value of a Sherpa Life, by Grayson Schaffer (Outside 18/04/2014), Everest Deaths: How Many Sherpas Have Been Killed? Climbing Sherpas suffer the highest mortality rate on Mount Everest; We ran the numbers, and the results will shock you, by Jonah Ogles (Outside 18/04/2014), Mingma warns mountaineering could lose Sherpa support (ht 20/04/2014), Everest expeditions uncertain: Sherpas threaten to call them off if demands not met in a week, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 21/04/2014), Give thoughts to them (ht 21/04/2014), After Everest tragedy, all expeditions called off: Climbers declare 2014 'black year' after 13 deaths, 3 disappearances, by Bhanubhakta Niraula (rep 21/04/2014), After Everest Disaster, Sherpas Contemplate Strike, by Ellen Barry and Graham Bowley (New York Times 21/04/2014), NRN Association to provide Rs 1 million to each dead of Mt. Everest avalanche (nn 21/04/2014), Everest Sherpas Issue Demands: The climbing season may not be closed for business just yet this season, but it may be tough to convince the mountain's most important climbers to carry on, by Alex Heard (Outside 21/04/2014), Shaken survivor calls it quits, by Weena Pun (kp 22/04/2014), Taskforce to address guides’ demands (kp 22/04/2014), Disposable heroes: Insurance for high altitude Sirdars must cover injuries and accidents (kp 22/04/2014), Govt has mountain to climb with Everest season in limbo: Forms task force to study the demands of mountaineering support staff and guides and come up with recommendations, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 22/04/2014), Wait and watch mode (ht 22/04/2014), Discovery cancels wing-suit dive (ht 22/04/2014), Sherpa Guides Bear Much of Risk in Everest Climbs, by Krishna Pokharel (Wall Street Journal 22/04/2014), Taskforce to address Sherpa demands promptly: Threat of boycott against Everest season (rep 22/04/2014), Avalanche-missing kin agonize over lack of news, by Kamal Pariyar (rep 22/04/2014), Ascent on Mt Everest to go on (nn 22/04/2014), Sherpas consider boycott after Everest disaster (nn 22/04/2014), Govt addresses major demands: Guides not sure whether to take govt offer or quit job, by Sangam Prasain (kp 23/04/2014), Everest climbing remains stalled, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 23/04/2014), After Everest tragedy, Sherpas face stark choices, by Om Astha Rai (rep 23/04/2014), Everest tragedy: Heal Sherpas' wounds (rep 23/04/2014), Govt team to address Himalayan dilemma : inister flying to base camp to convince support staff, guides to resume climbing, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 24/04/2014), No ride on Mt. Everest this year, Sherpa guides tell Tourism Minister (nn 24/04/2014)

Victims of Everest avalanche identified as death toll rises to 12 (nn 18/04/2014), Tragedy on Everest: Avalanche claims 12 lives, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 19/04/2014), 15 killed in deadliest Everest avalanche, by Sangam Prasain (kp 19/04/2014), 12 dead, 6 injured, 4 missing in Everest avalanche, by Kriti Bhuju and Bhanubhakta Niraula (rep 19/04/2014), Another body pulled out of Everest mess (kp 20/04/2014), Everest toll reaches 13; three still missing (ht 20/04/2014), Avalanche exacts toll in personal tragedies, by Kamal Pariyar (rep 20/04/2014), Survivors recall chaos, fear in Friday’s Everest avalanche, by Binaj Gurubacharya (kp 21/04/2014), Search aborted; spring climbs uncertain, by Sangam Prasain (kp 21/04/2014)

The Disposable Man: A Western History of Sherpas on Everest, by Grayson Schaffer (Outside 10/07/2013)

Sherpa recounts 1st ascent, handshakes and Hillary hugs, by Sangam Prasain (kp 29/05/2013)

10-time Everest summiteer Namgyal Sherpa dies (ht 21/05/2013)

Young Sherpa plunges to his death on Everest (rep 08/05/2013), Sherpa slips into crevasse, plunges to his death on Mt Everest (ht 09/05/2013)

Not listening to Sherpas caused Everest brawl, by Sangam Prasain (kp 30/04/2013), Climbers make peace with guides after Everest brawl (ht 30/04/2013), Climbers quit expedition after Everest brawl (ht 01/05/2013), New account of Everest brawl emerges, points finger at foreign climbers (ht 02/05/2013), Ministry to investigate Everest brawl: MoCTCA has directed liaison officers to help avert such incidents (ht 03/05/2013), Speaking for the Sherpas: Sherpas are brought up to respect norms and rules in order to protect their environment, by Frances Klatzel (nt 03/05/2013), Clash of cultures: The anniversaries on Chomolungma this month may be a good place to start mending the reputation of Himalayan climbing (nt 03/05/2013), Of Sherpas and white men: Nepal’s dependence on tourism seems to have instilled a saviour complex in many visitors, by Pranaya SJB Rana (kp 05/05/2013)

Pasang Lhamu fondly remembered (kp 24/04/2013)

Nepal’s Chhurim first woman to scale Everest twice within days, by Deepak Adhikary (kp 26/02/2013), Guinness recognises Nepali woman’s feat: Scaled Mt Everest twice within days, a record for women (ht 26/02/2013), Sherpa overcomes prejudice for Everest feat (kp 01/03/2013)

An ascent to remember: Next year is the diamond jubilee of the Everest climb and we can only hope that the Nepali state will embrace Tenzing Norgay once again, after having spurned him over his decision to live in India, by Deepak Thapa (kp 07/02/2012)

Sherpa scales Mt Everest thrice in eight days (rep 28/05/2012)

Nepali girl claims to be youngest woman to climb Mount Everest (nn 23/05/2012)

Legendary climber’s son dies on Everest (ht 20/04/2012), Two Sherpa guides die while climbing Everest in three days (nn 22/04/2012)

Veteran summiteer honoured (kp 16/07/2011), Mingma Sherpa, the grand old man of climbing, by Navin Adhikari (kp 17/07/2011)

Apa will not climb Mt Everest again (rep 30/05/2011), True hero (rep 31/05/2011)

Sherpas: Mountain guides who don’t get the credit they deserve, by Manish Gautam (kp 27/05/2011)

Super Sherpas, by Narayan Upadhyay (rn 15/05/2011)

Apa Sherpa scales Mt Everest 21st time; breaks his own record (nn 11/05/2011), Super Sherpa's 21st tryst with top of the world, by Bikash Sangraula (rep 12/05/2011), Apa Sherpa breaks own world record, by Sangam Prasain (kp 12/05/2011), Uphill for others, ‘Apa’hill for him: Super Sherpa scales Mt Everest for record 21st time (ht 12/05/2011)

Apa Sherpa to summit Mt Everest for 21st time (ht 05/04/2011)

Sherpa girl’s ambition to set a climbing record, by Ananda Gautam (kp 26/03/2011)


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